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The Certification process is easy!

Earn Your Professional Credentials

While we have a strong belief in the importance of validating the knowledge level of dietary supplement professionals, we try to make the certification process as streamlined and easy as possible.

STEP 1 — Register

Simply complete and submit the online Registration Form selecting the Certification Program you are pursuing. You will receive confirmation of your registration along with a study guide, study materials, and practice examination. You can also download the Registration Form and send it via email or USPS.

STEP 2 — Prepare for the Examination

Preparation for Certification exams can be via self-study following the study guide and using study materials supplied with your registration or using other related sources, or by attending a training seminar provided by one of IDSA’s Training and Testing Partners.

STEP 3 — Take the Certification Examination

IDSA’s certification examinations are timed, and contain multiple choice and true/false questions. The exams contain 75 – 100 questions, depending on the Certification Program you have selected. A score of 80% is required for passage of the exams. Individuals who do not pass the exam may take it again when they feel more prepared.

Certification exams are taken online from your home or place of business. In the near future, certification exams can be taken on a computer with a webcam or at any of the 700 testing locations in the U.S.

Testing and Training Partners usually give the examination manually immediately after training. Some also offer an on-line testing option.

STEP 4 — Receive Certification Credentials

Those who pass Certification examinations may place the initials designating their professional credentials after their name. They will also receive a Certificate of Achievement and a plastic identification card.

The CSN designation after your name tells everyone you have met international standards as a professional in the dietary supplement field.

As an IDSA Certified Supplement Nutritionist each month you will also receive the IDSA’s Dietary Supplement Journal that contains the latest news and information about dietary supplements.

IDSA Certification Examinations

The IDSA Certification examinations were developed with the guidance of leaders in the dietary supplement field. Throughout their development, ISDA followed NCCA guidelines for certification and testing in order to ensure fair, valid, and reliable examinations. The development of the exams are a milestone event in the growth of the dietary supplement profession.

Testing Centers

The IDSA is teaming with a world leader in test delivery. All of our certification examinations will soon be able to be taken with online proctoring as well as being offered through thousands of testing locations around the world. Testing will be available every day of the week all year. No matter where you live, there should be a testing center close where you can take the IDSA Certification examinations.

The examinations are done online for testing ease as well as immediate scoring and results notification. Like most certification organizations we use testing centers to further support the professional value of your certification and credentials.

The IDSA is the first dietary supplement organization providing professional certification for those who inform or advise on the use of dietary supplements.