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Shouldn’t You Know?

Ever wonder how knowledgeable the person is who is giving you advice and recommendations on dietary supplements? Do they really know what they are talking about? We are working hard to make sure they do. Through training, education and certification, we are dedicated to raising the standard of those involved in the dietary supplement field.

IDSA Certification

The IDSA believes in the importance of confirming the knowledge of those who sell or recommend dietary supplement through professional certification so as to improve the overall quality of the profession, as well as service and safety to the public.

The dietary supplement industry has continually exhibited its desire for high standards as it has voluntarily initiated any number of codes, guidelines and programs. IDSA’s certification program further contributes to this initiative by recognizing the importance of measuring the skills of those involved in the field against an industry standard for knowledge and experience, thus further improving the overall quality of the profession.

How IDSA Certification Will Benefit The Public

The intent of certification is to inform the public that individuals who have achieved certification have demonstrated a particular degree of knowledge and skill, thus offering some degree of public protection.

Professional certification provides the ability to distinguish between those who have demonstrated competency or knowledge in a field, and those who have not. The confirmation of mastery of basic nutritional supplement principles and practices should help meet the public’s expectations for knowledgeable professionals.

IDSA Mission

IDSA’s mission is to advance knowledge and professionalism in the field of dietary supplement advisement through the development and measurement of an industry standard of knowledge and competency.

Let Us Know

If you have ideas on how we can further improve the dietary supplement field, please give us a call or drop us an e-mail. We would appreciate hearing from you.

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