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IDSA Continuing Education

Certification Renewal - Continuing Education Requirements

With the IDSA Board Certification comes the responsibility as a professional to increase your knowledge base and to stay current on new developments. This responsibility is a driving force in the IDSA’s requirements for yearly re-certification. To maintain certification you must accumulate 3 continuing education credits during a certification year from the following options.

  • Documented proof of continued work in the supplement field — 1 credit
  • Membership in a dietary supplement organization (other than IDSA) — 1/2 credit
  • Attendance at a supplement training seminar / video conference / podcast / etc — 1 credit
  • Subscription to an IDSA Knowledge Builder E-Guidebook(s) — 1 credit
  • Subscription to an IDSA Knowledge Builder Video(s) — 1 credit
  • Subscription to a supplement periodical / newsletter (other than IDSA) — 1/2 credit
  • publishing a paper / article, or teaching / presenting — 1 credit

The IDSA offers educational materials listed below that can be used towards achieving the required continuing education hours.

Knowledge Builder E-Guidebooks and Videos


Botanical Dietary Supplements - Introduction — $9.95

Specialty Supplements — $9.95

Supplement Interactions with Medications — $9.95

Supplement Guide for Older Users — $9.95


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