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Getting Certified by IDSA

IDSA is setting the industry standard for professional certification in the dietary supplement field. It has broad support from industry leaders and provides a convenient yet authentic certification process for those wanting professional credentials in related dietary supplement areas. In addition, for those wanting a seminar-type training experience, IDSA’s Training and Testing Partners provide superior instruction and administration of IDSA’s Certification Examinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Get Certified To Be A CSN?

If certification is offered in any professional field, it only makes good sense to obtain it. Simply put, it provides credibility as to your knowledge and experience. That is certainly of value to clients, customers, and co-workers. Because of the importance dietary supplement knowledge plays in the advisement or representation of dietary supplement products, it is essential that those involved in these areas have professional certification.

How Will Being Certified Help Me?

Becoming Certified by IDSA provides many benefits including:

  • being able to state you are Certified as a Dietary Supplement Nutritionist can provide instant credibility
  • it proves to your customers you know what you are talking about
  • it will improve job performance
  • it can improve your dietary supplement business
  • it will provide opportunities for continued education training
  • it elevates your status
  • it can be useful against liability and litigation issues

How Long Does It Take To Get Certified?

That is totally dependent on you. You may take the certification examination as soon as the IDSA receives your registration, processes your fees, sends your online registration information and study materials, and you go online and take the certification examination. You may take the exam the same day all this happens if you like. Our suggestion, however, is to review the study materials first to assure a positive result on the examination. That may take days, weeks, or months depending on your base of knowledge and time allotted for studying. If attending a Training and Testing Seminar with on of our Training and Testing Partners, the Certification Examination is usually given immediately following training.

How Do I Prepare to Take The Certification Exam?

If you have been involved in the dietary supplement field for a while, your experience, training, self-study, etc. may have provided you with a knowledge base sufficient to pass the certification examination. However, the study materials you receive will be a helpful review, or provide the core knowledge needed for examination passage.

What Happens After I Take The Examination?

After you have finished the certification examination online, you will be notified immediately of your score as well as being able to see the questions you missed. If taking the exam after a training session with one of our Training and Testing Partners, you will be notified within 1 week. Usually within 2 weeks after that you will receive your credentials, be able to add the CSN, MSN, SSN, DSN or MST designation after your name, receive IDSA’s Monthly Dietary Supplement Journal, have access to IDSA logos for business purposes, and be able to participate in additional training opportunities.

What If I Don’t Pass The Examination?

You may take the Examination again as soon as you feel more prepared. There is a $5.00 fee for each retake.

Do IDSA Training Materials Provide the Knowledge I Need?

IDSA training materials provide the core dietary supplement knowledge that is needed for each level of certification. A list of other commercially available training resources is also provided upon registration.

What Type of Credentials Do I Receive From IDSA?

For those who have met the requirements of their chosen certification level and have passed the certification examination, they receive a personalized plastic Certification Card with their name embossed along with their particular certification designation(s) as well as an official IDSA Certification Certificate. And you will be able to add the CSN, MSN, SSN, DSN or MST designation after your name on your business cards, ID badges, and all correspondence.