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Certified Master Supplement Trainer (MST)


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This Code describes the standards of ethical conduct expected of Board Certified Supplement Nutritionists

An IDSA Board Certified Supplement Nutritionist will:

• represent only dietary supplements that are truthfully and legally labeled per FDA.
• represent only dietary supplements that may be helpful to those wanting to maintain or improve their health.
• represent products and services that are only within their area of competence, training, and experience.
• never misrepresent their credentials, training and experience.
• never engage in treatment, diagnosis or prescribing unless lawfully licensed to do so.
• stay current as to new developments, studies, standards, and other supplement issues.
• responsibly explain products, services, procedures and practices, and immediately address all customer concerns.

Upon meeting the criteria to become a CSN, I agree to abide by the IDSA Code of Ethics.


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